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Couples Massage Class

$140.00 Per Couple
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Learn how to give the gift of stress-relief, comfort, and caring to your partner, a family member or friend. In this 2-hour class you’ll learn some basic anatomy and physiology of the back, neck, head, arms and hands/feet. and how to help relax the muscles in those areas. You’ll learn to apply specific massage strokes in those areas and you’ll learn how to give this gift of touch without causing strain to your own body. You will take turns practicing on each other so that you can perform this lovely gift at home on friends and family members. People find this class to be a great way to increase their connection and bring more caring touch into their lives.

The registration fee is for 2 people and it’s required that you register and arrive to the class as a pair in order to practice on each other.

Why take this class:
1. You want to learn how to do a decent massage on your partner
2. You want your partner to learn how to do a decent massage (let’s be honest, this is why!)
3. You or your partner have said “My thumbs hurt” after 5 minutes of massage
4. Looking for a fun out of the box date night
5. Because massage is awesome

Good, we have established you should sign up!

Now, what to expect from this class!

What to expect:
Your instructor Sherry has 9 years of experience as a professional massage therapist. She has done thousands of hours of practical application of her training. You will not be a licensed massage therapist after this class (Obvi!)
What you will have is roughly a 10 Minute massage routine you can perform on your loved one when you leave class.
We will focus on the back, neck, hands/feet.

What you receive with your registration:
*2 Hour Class
*Professional grade massage cream to take home
*How to guide/instructions to take home
*Special gift (come find out what that is!)

What to wear:
Pretty Please come fully clothed… Also, bring these specific items to class.
Ladies: Yoga Pants, comfy shoes, bra with clasp in back, light jacket with full zipper in front.
Gentleman: Sweats, or comfy pants, comfy shoes, light jacket with full zipper in front.
*Smock tops will be provided for class.

How to sign up:
Click on the “Reserve My Spot” to sign up for one of our classes. Our classes will start running February 2019. Details on location and date coming very soon

If you would like to host a private class in your home please send us an e-mail to
We require a minimum of 3 couples to teach a private in home class.