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Specials and Classes


Discounts: Military, fire fighters/ EMT, police offices, nurses, and teachers get 10% off services when they show their credentials/ badges upon checkout. This a small way to thank you for all the services you provide your community.

Referal BONUS: $10 dollars off your next appointment for referring first time clients. Referred client must name you as referral source on intake form

Couples Massage Class

Cost: $130.00

Learn how to give the gift of stress-relief, comfort, and caring to your partner, a family member or a dear friend. In this 2-hour class you’ll learn some basic anatomy and physiology of the back, neck, head, arms and hands and how to help relax the muscles in those areas. You’ll learn to apply specific massage strokes in those areas and you’ll learn how to give this gift of touch without causing strain to your own body. You will take turns practicing on each other so that you can perform this lovely gift at home on friends and family members. People find this class to be a great way to increase their connection and bring more caring touch into their lives.

The registration fee is for 2 people and it’s required that you register and arrive to the class as a pair in order to practice on each other.